Get involved! Volunteer for leadership positions in the CPO

All are welcome to join the CPO! Meetings are held on every first Tuesday of the month in the Cheldelin library at 7 pm. Two important jobs are available for the 2018-19 school year. Please contact Genevieve at if you are interested in filling either position.

CPO Secretary

The Secretary creates a monthly newsletter, takes notes at the meetings, writes up the minutes and submits them to the office for publication on the Cheldelin website. We need a secretary as soon as possible!

Impact Cheldelin Coordinator

The coordinator oversees and works with a team. IMPACT Cheldelin is our primary fund drive which normally runs in October and November. IMPACT funds activities such as yearbook scholarships, entries for student competitions, like mathcounts, science olympiad and battle of the books, teachers grants and other student enrichment programs. Visit the Donate page to learn more. Without IMPACT funding, many of these activities at the school would not be possible.