New Start Time for Middle Schools Next Fall

Starting next fall, all CSD middle schools will follow the same before school hours, school start time, and end of day release time. For 2019-20, school will start at 9:00 am. Unless there is a weather delay, school starts the same time each day. School ends at 3:40 Monday-Thursday and ends at 2:40 pm most Fridays with a 2-hour early release occurring once per quarter.

Students attend all 7 periods Monday-Wednesday, attend periods 1, 3, Advisor, 5 and 7 (odd) on Thursday, and attend periods 2, 4, Advisor and 6 (even) on Fridays. Advisor periods only meet on Thursdays and Fridays. Details about the middle school schedule are shared below.


All buses will be at middle schools no earlier than 8:30 am and no later than 8:45 am. We are committed to having all students at school with ample time to eat breakfast and arrive in class by 9:00 am.


Breakfast will be available in the dining commons each morning at 8:20 am until the start bell rings at 9:00 am.

Daily Schedule at-a-glance

School doors open8:20 am
Breakfast available in dining commons8:20 am
School buses arrive8:30 am - 8:45 am
Classroom doors open8:50 am
School day begins9:00 am (start bell)
School day ends Early release Friday for teacher collaboration3:40 pm (M-Th) 2:40 pm (F)