Schedule for Elective Showcase Night

Cheldelin Elective Showcase Night Wednesday, January 16, 2019 6-8 pm

Special Presentations AVID Tutorology Demonstration, 6:15pm Mr. Ciechanowski, Mrs. Dumble and Mr. Thornburgh, room 26

Band Mrs. Perkins, Cafeteria, 6:45 pm “Baby Shark” “Hooked on a Feeling” “Let’s Go Band!”

Choir Mrs. Gollman, Cafeteria, 7:00 pm “Dodi Li” – Israeli Song arranged by Doreen Rao Small group: Corinna Lobscheid, Leo Cheng, Tayler Johnson, Zaiya Garza, Talin West, Trevor Garcia, Sammi Dillon, Juniper Carmon, Dylan Paterson, Kahlil Holavarri, Katy Cassat, Ella Jones

“Blow, Bugle, Blow” – Ruth Elaine Schram, poetry by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)

Theater Arts Mrs. Wieland, Cafeteria Stage, 7:15 pm Comedy sketch and information on upcoming play

Elective Showcases Art 2-D and 3-D student artwork Mr. Hagen, room 38

Criminology Fingerprinting, crime scene labs, forensic anthropology and blood analysis. Mr. Tucker, room 9

Digital Media CCTV episodes, green screen recording and iMAX video editing Mr. Callis, room 6

Leadership/Spanish Leadership projects and Spanish culture, music and language Mrs. Bethel, room 16

STEAM/Science Olympiad 3-D printing, robotics, coding and Science Olympiad events Ms. Burwell and Mrs. Davis, room 33

Special Opportunity Elective themed t-shirts are available for $5 in the Art Room (38). All profits go to support Cheldelin elective courses.