Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked questions are listed here with answers and resource links.

Add/Drop/Change Classes

Students are placed in math courses based on their prior knowledge and the pace and challenge of the class. Students are placed in language arts, social studies or geography, and science classes based on grade level. If there is an issue with a student’s class schedule or questions arise, please get in touch with the main office. Students are encouraged to submit schedule change request forms by the 2nd week of the term. For details about elective classes, please visit our Electives page.

Bell Schedules

Unless there is a weather delay, school starts 9:05 am each day. On Monday through Thursday, school ends at 3:30 pm, and 2:30 pm on Fridays.  Students attend all 7 periods with Advisory Monday through Thursday, and all 6 periods on Fridays. The daily schedule can be found here.

Closed Campus

The Cheldelin campus is closed from the time students arrive in the morning until dismissal in the afternoon. Students are to remain on school grounds during that time unless they have permission to leave from the office and parent/guardian.

Computers and Electronic Devices

In order to have access to computers at Cheldelin Middle School, all students and parents/guardians must sign a one-time “Technology Acceptable Use Agreement Form.” The form is included the registration process at the beginning of the year. Free printing (B/W only) is available for all school assignments.

The educational program at Cheldelin includes a Chromebook that will be issued to your child for their use at school and home. We are pleased to make these powerful tools available to our students. We also understand that both students and parents are naturally concerned about keeping these tools secure and in good working order. For more information, please see our Technology page.


Our school counselor orients new students to Cheldelin and provides students and families with added support in dealing with personal conflicts and problems that are interfering with student learning.  If you have a concern about your student, please call the counseling office at 541-757-4827.

Dress Code

Cheldelin Middle School recognizes the right to free expression and the value of diversity, including diversity in dress and general appearance. School attire should be appropriate for a learning environment. For more information about the school dress code expectations, please visit the Student Conduct page.

Excusing a Tardy

Students are expected to be on time to each class. Excusable absences and tardies are determined by state guidelines. Acceptable excuses may include illness, medical appointments, family emergencies and trips, and school field trips. Please call the main office to excuse your child. For more information about absences and attendance, please visit our Attendance page.

Getting to School

The district provides transportation for students who live 1.5 miles or more from Cheldelin. Students attending Cheldelin on a transfer request are required to provide their own transportation. School bus riders must register online. Bus transportation information can be found on the Bus Routes page on the district website.  Bicycles must be parked in designated areas on school grounds and locked to the structures provided. No bikes should be locked to any gates or fences. Students are strongly encouraged to use a u-style, rigid bike lock and to walk their bike on the sidewalk. Riding bicycles during the school day is not allowed.

Lost and Found

We have three lost and found areas. Gym clothes and PE equipment should be turned in and claimed from the locker room area. Clothing items are turned in and claimed from the cafeteria. Textbooks, wallets, and small items of value should be turned in and claimed from the front office. We will announce to parents and students when lost and found will be donated to charity.

Lunch and Lunchtime Activities

A new Free and Reduced-Price Meal application is required each school year. Forms can be found in the school office. More information about this program can be found on the district’s Food and Nutrition Services Department page.

School Lockers

Students are issued individual lockers with confidential lock combinations. Students should never share their combination with anyone. Lockers are the property of the school district and are provided for the storage of students’ personal belongings, books, and school supplies. For more details, please see our Student Conduct page.

School Supplies, Text books, and Fees

School supplies are available at school at no additional cost to students/families.

Student ID cards are required to check out textbooks and materials. Payment is required for all lost or damaged textbooks. Damages include writing with pencils, pens or highlighters, torn pages, broken bindings or liquid damage. Textbooks must be protected with a thick paper cover.

Cheldelin Middle School has two extra fees – yearbooks, and extra PE shirts. Scholarships are available for both. Yearbooks are available for purchase online with Treering Yearbooks,  the first PE shirt is free and each additional PE shirt is $10.

Student ID Card

Student ID cards are issued at the beginning of the school year. Students are strongly encouraged to carry their student ID cards at all times while at school. Student ID cards are required to attend school dances. A replacement student ID card can be requested in the office.

After School Homework Club

We offer  Homework Club Tuesdays and  Thursdays from 3:45-4:30 pm. Students must sign up, permission slips are located in the office. At Homework Club students will have help to prioritize their work and assistance in work completion and test preparation. This is a structured, focused work environment, and we ask that you encourage your child to use this as a serious work time.


Parents/guardians are welcome to visit district schools. All visitors must report to the office upon entering school property. While parents/guardians are always welcome, as a courtesy to teachers, visits to a classroom must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Visitors without a student currently enrolled in a school may also visit, but they must schedule their visit 24 hours in advance through the main office. Students from other schools are welcome to visit the campus after the school day is over. If a student who does not currently attend Cheldelin is interested in shadowing a current CMS student, please contact the main office to schedule a time, at least one week in advance.

Backpack Policy

Backpacks are to be kept in students’ provided lockers. Backpacks are not allowed in classrooms. Students may use and bring a string bag with them into their classrooms if needed.

Cell Phone Policy

Student cell phones must be put away in lockers during the school day (9:05 – 3:30).  All phone calls must be made in the main office. Phones will be confiscated if students have them out during the school day and will remain with the Dean of Students until the end of the day.

How can I access my students grades?

Please check out this document to learn how to connect to your student’s canvas account to see their grades.

How to observe Canvas as a Parent