Technology is incorporated in Cheldelin Middle School classrooms including SmartBoards and iPads. In addition to classroom carts with tablet devices, there are two computer labs and WiFi access throughout our school campus.

Student Devices - iPads

The educational program at Cheldelin Middle School includes an assigned technology device that will be issued to your child for their use at school and home. Utilizing this device in the Corvallis School District gives students the access to learn both in the classroom and at home. Inappropriate use of the iPad may result in confiscation and additional consequences.

Students are required to secure and keep the iPad in good working order for instructional purposes. All materials on the iPads must adhere to the values and policies of the Responsible Use of Technology Handbook.

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Personal Devices

Students may not turn on or have visible any iPods, cell phones, handheld games, and other such devices, unless given permission. Students may not disturb any educational program or activity, use these items in a dishonest way, or disclose private information about another person.

For information about conduct with personal devices, please see our Student Conduct page.