Activities & Clubs

Cheldelin Middle School offers an array of clubs that serve our diverse student body. Many clubs meet during lunchtime and participate in activities after the school day. All students are encouraged to become involved in CMS co-curricular activities. All clubs are open to all students. Please see Canvas for club Zoom meeting links.

Student groups must apply to the school for recognition and are subject to school district policy IGDA-AR. All school-sponsored student groups have a staff advisor that takes an active role in planning and activities of the group. Non-school sponsored groups are not sponsored, supported financially, or endorsed by the district and will not be supervised by district staff. All such groups will have a staff monitor at all activities on school property during school hours. Student clubs meet during the lunch break or other non-instructional times.

Clubs start and end at different times of the year. These offerings are seasonal and some are determined by student interest. This list will be updated throughout the year.

Updated November 2022

Club NameActivityMeeting DayAdvisor