Most classes reflect student progress by using grades A through F, however, students have the opportunity to take classes on a Pass/No Pass. Citizenship grades reflect the degree to which the student demonstrates respect, responsibility, and safety. These grades are to inform students and parents about citizenship in class.

Pinnacle Gradebook

Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV) is our parent portal to the Pinnacle Gradebook. You can see what classes your student is taking, what assignments, test, and quizzes have been given and turned in, and what grade your student earned. You can send an email to any of your student’s teachers or sign up for email alerts if your student’s grade for any class falls below a certain point.

You can also see how many times your student has been absent from or tardy to school.

Pinnacle requires a parent login which is provided by the Cheldelin registrar. Please contact the school office if you need help logging in.

Grade Reports

Teachers make their best effort to update grades regularly, with the goal of updating grades at least once every two weeks. Grades and attendance information are available through the online grade book, Pinnacle. Parents can customize the grade book to send email updates at regular intervals. Grades are finalized quarterly and start fresh each new quarter. Grade reports are mailed home about a week following the end of each quarter.

Citizenship Grades

Students are responsible for conducting themselves properly, in accordance with the policies of the district and the lawful direction of staff. It is our desire to teach and shape appropriate behaviors.