Staff Directory

Most staff can be reached by email. Please allow 1-2 days for a response. If you have an urgent concern about your student, please call the school office.


Mr. Bland

Darren Bland

Ms. Chambers

Annette Chambers


Chelsea Henson

Health Services Assistant/Education Assistant AVID
Mr. Mabry

Kyle Mabry

Assistant Principal

Julie Mitchell

Office Manager
Mrs. Robinson

Karen Robinson

Administrative Assistant/Attendance

Counseling Staff

Mrs. Bregar

Lea Bregar

Mrs. Harry

Deborah Harry

Mrs. Steele-Leonard

Holly Steele

Counseling Assistant

Custodial Staff

Levi Farris

Campus Steward

Bob Finneran

Maintenance Lead

Matt McCullough


Student Support Staff

McKenna Daversa

Educational Assistant

Mindy Dye

Educational Assistant/Brailliest
Mr. Eck

Michael Eck

Educational Assistant
Mrs. Farrell

Sarah Farrell

Library Media Assistant
Mrs. Feyerherm

Carol Feyerherm

Kitchen Manager

Julie Goggins

Educational Assistant

Francisco Gonzalez


Aquilegia Leet

Educational Assistant

Tami Montfort

Food Service Assistant

Nathan Morales

Educational Assistant
Mr. Nguyen

An Nguyen

Food Service
Mrs. Nockles

Alina Nockles

Educational Assistant

Katie Palmer

Educational Assistant

Shannon Robinson

Educational Assistant
Mr. Smith

Ty Smith

Behavior Support
Mr. Stark

Jacob Stark

Behavior Support
Mr. Vincent

Travis Vincent

Educational Assistant

Robyn Voice

Food Services Assistant
Ms. Zandonella

Dana Zandonella

Food Services Assistant

Teaching Staff

Mr. Adams

Jeremy Adams

7th Grade Science
Ms. Bell

Sandy Bell

6th Grade Social Studies and Science
Ms. Benning

Tamara Benning

8th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
Mr. Berrey

Tom Berrey

Special Education
Mrs. Bethel

Jasmin Bethel

Ms. Burwell

Katelyn Burwell

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Mrs. Cadotte

Melissa Cadotte

7th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
Mr. Callis

Jared Callis

8th grade Mathematics and Digital Media
Mr. Ciechanowski

Ian Ciechanowski

7th grade AVID, 66th grade Social Studies and 6th grade seminar
Mrs. Davis

Jennifer Davis

8th Grade Science
Mr. Deardurff

Ben Deardurff

Special Education
Mrs. Dumble

Isley Dumble

PE/Health and AVID

Mike Fagan

6th Grade PE Teacher
Mrs. Garcia

Angela Garcia

English, Language, and Development
Mr. Gower

Eric Gower


Andrea Griffin-Quintana

Special Education
Mrs. Hackett

Andrea Hackett

Speech Services
Mrs. Huffaker

Roxie Huffaker

Math, 6th grade seminar, AVID/RTI Coordinator

Kara Janney

7th & 8th grade Language Arts

Alexis McQuillan

Alternative Education
Mr. Mowery

Alex Mowery

6th grade Language Arts and PE
Mrs. Mulligan

Sheila Mulligan

6th Grade Mathematics
Mrs. Parrot

Theresa Parrott

7th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

Sarah Perkins

Band and Orchestra

Karmen Tessier

7th grade Physical Education and Health
Mr. Thornburgh

Chris Thornburgh

8th grade AVID, 6th Grade Language Arts and Seminar

Don Tucker

8th Grade Social Studies and Criminology
Mrs. Wieland

Elizabeth Wieland

6th Grade Science and Theater Arts
Mrs. Wydronek

Teresa Wydronek

7th Grade Math and 6th grade Seminar